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The final meeting for ALL current DofE Gold Participants will take place at on Tuesday 10 October 2019 at 13:15 in B13 at the top of Bruntsfield House.
Posted Friday 4 October 2019

Double James and Efficiency 100 - Meet at Bangholm with all your kit at 10am on Monday 23 September.
Contact your group over the weekend to organise food and group kit. Learn the route. Bring money for a meal on Monday night and breakfast on Tuesday night, as well as £1 if you want to use showers on Tuesday night.
Posted Thursday 19 September 2019

Volunteering opportunity:
The Green Team are a charity that works with young people in and around Edinburgh aiming to connect people with nature, each others and themselves. They run a variety of different programmes for people from all backgrounds and ages. Two of their programmes; Green Volunteers and Green Angels are suitable for completing volunteering and skill sections for DofE and are available for young people aged between 12-18. Both these programmes run at the weekends during term time and involve some conservation work. See www.greenteam.org.uk for details.
Posted Wednesday 4 September 2019

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